The Bandit… and Smokey!

The Bandit… and Smokey!


There have been some major changes in my life this year. Daily impacts and realizations keep me on my toes. Life is a continuous adventure with many roads. My youngest son followed one of those roads and left for the UK. The V-man and I recently chose different ones. But a new path has opened up. My dream of finding a new pal for Bandit has come true. These felines might not agree yet, but one…

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De nieuwe kattenbak staat al klaar. Morgen naar het dierenasiel! - The new cat toilet is waiting. Will visit the animal shelter tomorrow and bring home a new pal for Bandit. 😸 #cat #pet #kat

My solution to the heat wave 🍵

Comfy #cat


~ zwarte nacht, voorbij de zon streelt onweerstaanbaar mijn wimpers uiteen ~

Faces of Africa - 26

Faces of Africa – 26


What was going on in his mind? I was sorry to see him this sad, and it was such a happy day. Our students had organized a games day for the children at the Mtendere Community Hospital in Malawi. Fortunately there was also much joy. I will show you another time.


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Gaatjes in de telefoon

Gaatjes in de telefoon


Vroeger zaten er gaatjes in de telefoon

en toch was hij niet kapot

met je vinger draaide je helemaal door

tot je niet meer verder kon, het slot

Je kende alle nummers uit je hoofd

had tijd genoeg om het op te slaan

als de schijf terug snorde naar het begin

en je naar het volgende cijfer kon gaan

Het snoer zat altijd gedraaid

zodat je iets had om mee te spelen

werd het gesprek dan een beetje…

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Faces of Africa - 25

Faces of Africa – 25


A lovely day at the beach of Lake Malawi.


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Like me, Bandit is relaxing outside. Though he doesn’t seem to be reading. ;-) #cat #holiday

Faces of Africa - 24

Faces of Africa – 24


Two women, preparing the traditional nsima porridge at school.

Nsima has become the “staple” food of Malawi, much like bread, rice, pasta or potatoes are in other cultures. Nsima is thick starchy porridge made from corn, cassava, or other starch flour. The nsima porridge is formed into hamburger-size patties by scooping the porridge with a wet wooden spoon and flipping it onto a plate. The patty…

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